Hey guys, here’s the scoop! In this video, you will learn how to do a Pixel Gun 3D Hack. This is a generator tool for coins and gems in-game.

How does it work?
This is pretty simple, as the Pixel Gun 3D tool works for both Android & iOS devices. In the video tutorial, I explain the whole process on my iPad. This does not mean this won’t work on phones or other devices. As long as your mobile device has a browser and internet, you can generate gems for pixel gun 3d.

This is not an aimbot, infinite armor or bullet cheat. If you want tips on how to improve in this game you can read below:

1 – It doesn’t matter what weapon ur using, gun or knife, you shouldn’t stay still. Always keep moving so it is harder for the enemy to shoot you.
2- Keep in mind that you need to aim at the enemy head at all times for twice the damage. Each weapon is different and you need to get used to one as they require a lot of skill.
3- When you scope with the Sniper Rifle, do not scope closely, as your sensitivity and your goal decrease dramatically. Use the scope only when you necessarily meet longer-range enemies.

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